Terms of purchase

Terms of the acquisition of real estate in Georgiaby foreigners are simple enough. It is necessary only to have an ID document(international passport). Formalization the necessary documentation for real estate purchase occurs in the Public Registryat the time of one working day. After this procedure the document confirming the right of property can be seen on the Internet, and is possible to download atnecessary.

Its possible to purchase apartments at a distance.For this it is necessary to send General Power of Attorney to trustee in Georgia, as well as to provide a contact phone number and e-mail address of  notary drew up the Power of Attorney (this is obliged for the authentication of documents).

Afterthis the trustee in Georgia is applying to the Public Registry onregistration of ownership of the principal. Verification and validation of documents in Registry occurs within a maximum of two months (on

practice is not less than two weeks). When the extract from the Register will be ready,you can check it on the official website www.reestri.gov.ge.

Everyextract from the Register has a unique bar code, certification by wet stamp is not required.

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