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The history of the city of Batumi

There are the places visited which, our hearts stop of admiration ... They steel your feelings forever. They let to transfer your thoughts there back again and again. And you're no longer able to resist, you can even feed off of it themselves weathered feeling emotions. Batumi, Georgia is one of those places. It is the region of the hot sun, rich in its warm rays, refreshing sea, magic sunrises and sunsets that conques by its integrity. Fresh air is saturated with aromas of true Georgian cuisine, refined by fragrance of magnolia, oleander, citrus aroma and tart black coffee. 

The history of the city of Batumi

Batumi is famous for its history, which goes back to the distant past. Tens of centuries ago, the city served as the "gateway to the sea" and was strategically important object. Over time, the deep harbor, like Batumi was called at the time- "Lyman Batius" reserved in its borders culture of past and present, mixing together the history and originality. Exactly this merger resulted the wave of interest to the city of Batumi, and in 19th century "deep harbor" got a fame as a resort area, rich in sightseeings and artifacts of the past.

Climate of Batumi

 It is no secret that the climate of Batumi is on the prime place in attracting of tourists. The subtropical climate with high humidity attracts people from all over the world. The beach season begins in May and ends in October. However it remains attractive for tourists even in November.

What to visit in Batumi?

 Botanical Garden is a wonderful place for walking, in a sunny,hot day and during cloudy weather. Botanical Garden will reunite you with nature, giving the feeling that you are walking on a place where nature has remained in its virgin state. Botanical Garden Batumi has no analogues in the world.

Dolphinarium will give a joy to you and your children. Nothing can move the soul as the dolphin rattle, his smart eyes, mind and intelligence. You can swim with dolphins.And this experience leaves a mark until the end of your life,without any doubts.

Seaside park with a palm grove with superb views of the Black sea is the epicenter of tourists. Outdoor cafes full of happy and cheerful tourists, live music, bars, attractions,clubs ... In general, anything that attracts tourists in the evenings, making their life more intense after the quite days at the beach.

The fortress "Tamara" or to say correctly Tamaristsihe. It is the temple which was named to the honor of Queen Tamara.

Gonio Fortress was stronghold of Roman, a little later of the Byzantine Empire in the old days.

Singing Fountains are of wonderful and various forms with lights and music.

Old Batumi is a part of town which was built in the 19th century. Here the atmosphere of those times still preserved- everything stopped.. Old Batumi is not subject to the power of time. Even if you are not religious one,

churches and temples Batumi will leave its mark in your heart. These are Cathedral Blessed Virgin, executed in the Gothic style, and the Church of St.Nicholas, and St. Barbara's Church.

Batumi is the pearl of Georgia on the Black Sea, the name of the city was mentioned in the writings of Aristotle at early of 4th century. Nowadays you can see all the great writers and poets surprised, by own eyes. And what you are exactly guaranteed after the trip to Batumi is tha car and truck of positive impressions!